Examination and functional therapy in knee disorders

Three days of intensive clinical course prepare to effectively conduct therapy with an orthopedic patient. Parts considering examination and treatment of knee disorders are based on recent studies published in scientific journals and the current state of knowledge (Evidence based medicine)


• to gain practical skills in proper diagnosis, planning and conducting efficient knee therapy. The course prepares to work with an orthopedic patients in ambulatories, hospitals, clinics and sport's clubs. 

– physiotherapists
– medical doctors (orthopedists, medical rehabilitation specialists);

Length: 3 days / Duration in hours: 30.

FIRST PART is devoted to proper diagnosis of knee and surrounding muscles. Various disorders such as "chondromalacia patellae", "runners knee", "jumpers knee" and the therapeutic aspects are covered in detail. Additionally we teach how to treat muscles lesions in the lower limb. 

SECOND PART consists of conservative as well as post surgical physiotherapy in the meniscus and ligaments injuries (much attention is paid to the anterior cruciate ligament damage – ACL, posterior cruciate ligament – PCL, medial collateral ligament – MCL, lateral collateral ligament – LCL). We discuss the latests developments in the knee surgery.

Tutor:  Bartosz Rutowicz Ph.D.

Price includes:
• professionally edited script

• Certificate of Attendance
• Entry in the Rehalab Academy Graduates Register

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